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I have built a simple DSB exciter from a single NE602, feeding a standard electret microphone into pin 1 through a 330nF capacitor and using the built in oscillator with a resonator. This is not advisable with a simple VFO as the high level audio signal, typically several hundred mV, will pull the frequency causing a rather nasty FM-ing effect.
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For those interested in building a simple AM radio, Electronics Goldmine has the TA7642 simple AM radio IC $4.00 for a pack of 10. ... ebay has 50pc TA7642 for little ...
Menu. Basic rf circuit El MK484, TA7642 y otros equivalentes se empaquetan normalmente dentro de una caja TO-92 de estilo transistor, por lo que parecen transistores. Sin embargo, contienen 10 transistores. La circuitería interna del paquete anterior To-92. Un ejemplo de una radio estilo MK484
Nejaká asi rumúnska, madarska, asy radio regina ktoré zahlti polovicu pásma , na FM sú 4 stanice, selektivita tiež úbohá inak celá am časť je len IC2 ( TA7642 ) v puzdre TO92 Prílohy The schematic shown below is a simple am receiver circuit uses only one transistor and some other components. The 80 turns coil and 365pF variable capacitor form a tank circuit which receives the signal through the antenna, and then the signal is detected by OA91 diode and amplified
Your Ham Radio Go Kit. Would you be ready if a call came from your local public service group to provide some ham radio expertise for a day or so? Items in the following list are the basics of what should be in your radio go kit. Now is a good time to check your supplies and be prepared! Don’t forget to put together a personal go kit, too. Here is a simple AM radio circuit using TA7642 IC which is similar to ZN414 IC. ZN414 IC was a very famous am radio IC among electronics enthusiasts few years ago but now it is no more available in the market because it has been discontinued several years ago and now TA7642 and MK484 ICs has taken. its place and the performace of these ICs are similar to ZN414.
The Si4840 AM/FM radio IC is priced at $1.81 (USD), and the Si4844 AM/FM/SW radio IC is priced at $1.96 (USD), both in 10,000-unit quantities. To ease radio system design, Silicon Labs offers the Si4840-DEMO and Si4844-DEMO evaluation kits, each priced at $50.00 (USD MSRP). May 25, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Pat Tantillo. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest
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